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A message from Archbishop Ikenaga

"The greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:12) is a famous word by Jesus Christ. Each person is given a rich life and talent.

If you do not spend the wealth, you will not know how to deal with your overwhelming energy. As a matter of fact, people obviously tend to use their rich talent and vital energy for their own sake in Japan. They get worn out by competing with others too hard to enter to well-known universities and companies. And in due course people will find themselves at the evening of their lives. I think that the most wonderful gift to us is the ability to love. Too many Japanese finish their lives without loving others. It is just to shut down the way to experience of the greatest happiness.

Especially the young people's heart and overwhelming vitality often seek the meaningful way of life. JLMM who promotes the mission by volunteers trains young candidates for being sent with a wide view of the world. Listen to your inner voice and if you aware of your life wanting to forge ahead to certain part of the world, why not follow the voice? You will get a wider view and valuable experiences for sure.

(Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of Osaka and Advisor of JLMM)

The first Lay Missionaries Meeting was held from 2nd to 5th September, 2001 with all the current missionaries.
In the meeting we reflected our activities and discussed on subjects; What kind of group we are, what sort of activities we should engage in the future, etc. On the final day we adopted a Koh Samui Declaration...Read more

JLMM seeks applications for Lay missionary from August every year.
JLMM Lay missionaries operate activities for medical care, environment, agriculture and support of women and children together with the local people, and support programs of social welfare and development organized by local Catholic churches.
After seven monthsÅftraining in Japan, missionaries study local language in the country (mission area), and work there for two years (extension possible).

Candidate of Missionary
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New missionaries under training

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